NEW BELLA for 2016

New items are here. They’ll bring you cheer. Get used to it! We’re very proud to bring you seven new collections ranging from small metallic cuties to hand-leafed regal monoliths with a few useful and sellable stops in between. Here’s part one of our three part introductory posts.

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Creme Crepe Shimmy Cap

Our Shimmy collection debuted in 2014 with six items. Based on its popularity, in 2015 we added five more colors and now by polite request and outright demand from our customers, we are adding the six best seller colors in a 1” tall cap. Who could not get excited for a frame named for a burlesque dance move, a finish like the stage lights reflecting off swaying fringe and now an ample rabbet depth for more creative framing design? Shimmy’s vintage inspired colors pair beautifully with the dreamy quality found in contemporary photography and the applied texture looks great with all manner of prints and textiles. Shimmy has an aluminum metal leaf finish with multiple layers of patinas and hand-finishing.
Bonus: Select Shimmy colors available as ready-made photo frames.

View the full Shimmy Cap look book on Pinterest.

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Marcello Round Hammered and the Marcello Deco Bead lineup

One of the biggest international film stars to emerge from Italy in the 1960s, Marcello Mastroianni starred alongside the radiant Brigitte Bardot, Sophia Loren, Anita Ekberg and Raquel Welch. He starred in over 150 films but is most known for his performance in Fellini’s classic “La Dolce Vita”. Our Marcello collection is vintage mod in tones inspired by the romantic flickering of classic black and white cinema. Much like their namesake, the frames in this collection have an Italian sense of style that endures time. The six half-round profiles are wrapped in an embossed laminated paper. The four beaded profiles are a foil over composition.

Browse the full Marcello collection here.
View the full Marcello look book on Pinterest.

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Morris – Indigo on Dark Embossed Honeysuckle

Morris – Dark Embossed Acanthus detail

William Morris (1834–1896) was a British textile designer associated with the Arts and Crafts Movement and the classical romance of the Pre-Raphaelites. Much of his work can be found in art galleries and museums and many of his designs are still in production today. Our namesake Morris collection celebrates his stylized motifs of the natural world. Designs in the line bear similarities to Morris’ interpretations of the acanthus, honeysuckle and oak leaf. The Morris collection are all embossed designs on pine.

Browse the full Morris collection here.
View the full Morris look book on Pinterest.

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