NEW BELLA for 2016 - Round 2

We’re very proud to bring you seven new collections ranging from small metallic cuties to hand-leafed regal monoliths with a few useful and sellable stops in between. Here’s part two (the most colorful part) of our three part introductory posts.

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Havana inspiration, Bahama Blue capped around Marcello Deco Bead, and a rainbow of Malecon

One prime spot for people watching and catching a breeze is the famous long sweeping harbor front of Havana Cuba, known as the malecon. Our collection consists of 16 colors inspired by the vibrant culture, classic cars, colorful architecture and amazing people of Cuba. The Malecon cap profile is wrapped in a viscose fabric which gives consistent quality along with a sexy, supple, and smooth leather texture.

View the full Malecon look book on Pinterest.
Browse the full Malecon collection here.

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Absinthe and Rose

Pastilles are a collection of sweet pastel candy colored frames. The matte finish and circular compo pattern on top makes one think of a bon-bon or Necco wafer. Pastilles look great on all manner of vintage items, portrait photography or prints featuring a circular motif.

View the full Pastilles look book on Pinterest.
Browse the full Pastilles collection here.

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In case you missed it, check out Part 1 – featuring Marcello, Morris, and Shimmy Cap.