NEW BELLA for 2016 - Final Round

We’re very proud to bring you seven new collections ranging from small metallic cuties to hand-leafed regal monoliths with a few useful and sellable stops in between. Here’s the final round of our three part introductory posts.

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Amesbury Grey Stonehenge (top) and the detail + depth of the collection.

Stonehenge is Britain’s greatest national icon, symbolizing mystery, power and endurance. Its purpose is unclear to us, but speculations are it was a temple for worshipping ancient deities or an astronomical tool for marking significant events on the prehistoric calendar. Construction began approximately 5000 years ago and some stones weighing 4 tons were carried from sites as far as 240 miles away. Whatever it was for and whoever built it, it was important and meant to make a big impression – much like our new collection. Named Stonehenge for the massive and unusual shape, our frames are all hand-finished with a variety of pure silver leaf, composite gold leaf and multiple layers of paint with hand-applied patinas to create textural depths of finish. Affirming to the sense of mystery, Stonehenge is amazingly versatile. It’s seemingly modern shape is comfortable on art from today as well as decades past. Bonus: The Stonehenge profiles come in two of the rust Oxide finishes as well.

View the full Stonehenge look book on Pinterest.
Browse the full Stonehenge collection here.

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Amber Rust Oxide finish(top) and the hand finished rust detail.

You may recognize the Oxide’s signature angled shapes from our Century collection. Century was about the space-age innovations of the century of progress. Oxide can perhaps be seen as the natural decay of discarded objects from that period. Rather than the shiny patina of the Century, Oxide is made by mixing real iron elements into the finish which are then oxidized creating real rust. The beautiful matte patina of the finish is lovely paired with contemporary photography. There are also artists working with rust as a medium and the Oxide collection is a match made in heaven.

View the full Oxide look book on Pinterest.
Browse the full Oxide collection here.

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