You have chosen a winner! We are proud to announce that Pat Blossom of River Road Gallery in Wilton, CT has won the grand prize in our 2017 Bella Creations Gallery contest. Pat will be our guest at the West Coast Art & Frame Expo coming up in a few weeks.

2016 Bella Creations Grand Prize Winner Polly in Risa

When Pat won the summer round earlier this year, we asked her to tell us a little more about the winning project and her experience designing and selling a Prisma frame. Here’s what she had to tell us:

This is not your Grandmother’s needle point design. My customer brought in her modern stitch work and noticed the Prisma samples on the wall. I have made a point to light the samples well in the store which often prompts customers to strike up a conversation about the product. The customer was drawn to a corner sample that featured the Jasmine pattern in Butter and Peacock and thought something like that would be cool. We took a photo of the work and uploaded it in the visualizer. It was the customer’s idea to try changing the shape of the frame and the visualizer allowed us to easily see how those shape options would affect the design. When a customer has a vision of how they want the finished frame to look, I always try to make their vision a reality. The customer wanted the frame to rest on a bookcase, so we requested a custom easel piece from an acrylic company to attach to the Prisma back panel. The customer was “over the moon” about the finished product and loved the level of customization. She appreciated the specialness of getting a frame made exclusively and specifically for the art work.

Nice! The winning frame design will be featured in our booth in Las Vegas, so if you’re around be sure to take a look.

Polly in Risa Custom Easel Back

Would you like the opportunity to experience the Las Vegas trade show on our dollar? Be sure to photograph your amazing designs using a Bella or Prisma frame and submit them in the next entry round. Finalists are chosen by popular vote on our Facebook contest page and by a panel of framing industry professionals outside of Bella Moulding. Be sure to find us on Facebook!

A huge thanks to all who entered and voted this year. Thank you for your many amazing entries. We truly enjoy getting to see your design talents on display. Keep them coming!

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