We’re very proud to bring you six new collections ranging from tiny cross-stitch cuties to hand-painted artistry with a few very useful and sellable stops in between. We’ve also added some new products to a couple of existing lines. Here’s part two of our four part introductory posts.


Texture is the name of the game, and the overall effect here makes Mesa work in both modern and rustic homes. The stucco-like imprint along with the subtle earth-toned palette hint at the southwest but would be equally chic in a farmhouse, lake house, or modern loft. This collection provides simplicity and versatility as well as being a very budget-friendly solution.

Mesa Styled 2016 Mesa Inspiration 2016 Mesa Mouldings 2016

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Aida, the four-act opera by Giuseppe Verdi set in Egypt, was first performed in 1871 and currently ranks at number 12 on the world-wide list of most performed operas. The classic love triangle story is set inside the palace of the pharaoh and temples to Egyptian gods. Beginning with Napolean’s invasion of Egypt in the 1790s, Egyption motif began to saturate interior style. “Egyptomania” provided exotic alternatives which effected design throughout the Victorian age and into the early 1900s as the pyramids were excavated, the Suez Canal was constructed and Verdi’s opera premiered. Our Aida collection carries on this orientalist theme with gold ornamentation and a Mesopotamian color palette. Both the cap and classic swan profiles pair with antique maps, vintage botanicals and portrait photography. The miniature composition beaded detail is either leafed in silver or gold or hand-finished with a sponged paint effect and all have a final wax finish creating a rich depth of color.

Aida Styled 2016 Aida Inspiration 2016 Aida Mouldings 2016

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We hope you are now excited to add some samples to your selection. If you missed Part One, you can find it here. And we're not done yet. Part 3 explores our final two new product lines!