Are you following along as we offer prizes to frame shops with the most creative design use of a Bella Moulding or Prisma frame? All the Creations Contest entries have been fabulous. Finalists are chosen by popular vote on our Facebook contest page and the winner is chosen by a panel of framing professionals outside of Bella Moulding.

The winning entries from this year’s first two rounds happen to have used Prisma frames. We’ve asked the frame shops to tell us a little more about the projects and their experience selling Prisma.

Erik Strizver of Frame & Save in Norwalk, CT

Erik’s customers brought him a memento from a special dinner. Upon learning the couple was engaged to be married, an anonymous artist at the next table drew them a quick sketch on a napkin as a gift. The bride chose to frame the napkin as a wedding gift to her soon-to-be husband.

She knew she wanted it to be fun and colorful. She saw a Prisma framed sample on the wall and was drawn to the dynamic example of color, shape, pattern, etc. Erik walked her through the Prisma line and explained all the options. During the sales process, Erik did use the Prisma Visualizer for the first time with a customer. Between the framed sample and visualization tool, the sales process was quite seamless. His customer was excited by all the possibilities and enjoyed participating in the process of designing her custom frame from scratch.

They chose to set off the brightness of the napkin with a dark mat selection which complimented the art and frame design. Erik’s customer was ecstatic when she came in to pick it up and said it was exactly what she had hoped for.

Pat Blossom of River Road Gallery in Wilton, CT

This is not your Grandmother’s needle point design. Pat’s customer brought in her modern stitch work and noticed the Prisma samples on the wall. Pat has her samples well-lit which often prompts customers to strike up a conversation about the product because it looks so different. The customer was drawn to the Jasmine pattern corner sample in Butter and Peacock and thought something like that would be cool. They took a photo of the work and uploaded it immediately in the visualizer. It was the customer’s idea to try changing the shape of the frame and the visualizer allowed them to easily see how those shape options would affect the design. Pat adds that her customer was more interested with getting an amazing custom product than the final price tag.

When a customer has a certain vision of how they want the finished frame to look, Pat always tries to make their vision a reality. The customer wanted the frame to rest on a bookcase, so Pat requested a custom easel piece from her acrylic company that could be attached to the Prisma back panel. Her customer was “over the moon” about the finished product and loved the level of customization. She appreciated the specialness of getting a frame made exclusively and specifically for the art work.

Another round of Creations Contest begins this week. Please send in your entries by 12:00AM midnight on September 16 and spread the word to your customers to go and vote for you. Good luck to you all!