Trio 5x7


SKU Size Availability
FMTR5CR-3 Clear 3/4" (Depth) Obsolete
FMTR5CR-1 Clear 1" (Depth) Obsolete
FMTR5SW-3 Snow White 3/4" (Depth) Obsolete
FMTR5SW-1 Snow White 1" (Depth) In stock
FMTR5CG-3 Classic Gray 3/4" (Depth) Obsolete
FMTR5CG-1 Classic Gray 1" (Depth) Out of stock
FMTR5CH-3 Chocolate 3/4" (Depth) Obsolete
FMTR5CH-1 Chocolate 1" (Depth) In stock
FMTR5BL-3 Black 3/4" (Depth) Obsolete
FMTR5BL-1 Black 1" (Depth) Obsolete


***Please allow 2-3 WEEKS for Production***

Prisma Collage Frame with three openings for 5x7 photos. Available in five different colors:

Clear - CR
Snow White - SW
Classic Gray - CG
Chocolate - CH
Black - BL